Editor's letter

Issue 56 • June 2024

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Cover image: Lithium ore a facility in Australia. Credit: Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg

Welcome to the new edition of Just Food’s quarterly digital magazine. 

Cell-based food: innovation that can help tackle the world’s food-security and sustainability challenges or, as one seasoned industry observer describes the tech, “a confluence of imbecility”? 

Whatever your take, there’s no question progress in the fledgling field hasn’t been as rapid as some of its early advocates believed. 

In this issue, we dive into cultivated seafood and discuss whether the sector can learn from some of the challenges that have beset cell-based meat. 

Elsewhere, we speak to UK firm This, a plant-based meat business that has carved out a foothold on supermarket shelves, about their R&D strategy. 

We also explore the emerging area of ‘hybrid’ dairy products, weigh up how food manufacturers are using AI to drive efficiency and look into the recent problems facing net-zero organisation The Science-based Targets Initiative.

Dean Best, editor