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Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit USA

With only nine harvests left until 2030, transforming agricultural systems to deliver positive change is crucial. A complete remodelling of the structure of our current global agricultural model is necessary to ensure the population remains fed and to safeguard economic prosperity.

The future holds changes in the environment which will come whether we prepare for them or not. The pace and complexity of change will continue at an accelerated rate whilst expectations from government, investors and consumers grow. The challenges we face are bigger than any singular actor can solve and will require collaboration across the food system. A new strategy of pre-competitive collaborative action from multiple actors will be key to unlocking change and driving impact at scale.

Bringing together leaders within the food space, the Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit USA returns to Chicago on March 12-14 to tackle the barriers that stand in the way of this change.

Focused on facilitating and accelerating the adoption of regenerative practices, the Summit will allow you to:

  • Inform corporate strategies utilizing valuable insights to solve scaling challenges
  • Develop frameworks to measure impact in a clear and transparent way to effectively achieve sustainability goals and transform our food systems
  • Build partnerships and discuss strategies for change with 450+ leaders across the supply chain from farmers to retailers
  • Engage with farmers and understand what drivers are incentivizing them to transition and identify ways to support them in sharing in the risk and reward when shifting to regenerative practices

Key speakers joining the discussion: 

  • Jay Watson, Regenerative Agriculture Director, General Mills 
  • Lara Bryant, Deputy Director, Water and Agriculture, Nature Program, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) 
  • Alan Martinez, Senior Manager, Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability, Cornell University 
  • Tina Owens, Managing Director, Nutrient Density Alliance 
  • Sarah Carlson, Senior Programs and Member Engagement Director, Practical Farmers of Iowa 
  • Ryan Smith, Senior Manager, Regenerative Agriculture Impact & Partnerships, Danone

Join industry leaders in Chicago this March 12-14 to accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture and build a more abundant and resilient food system for generations to come.

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