Still in vogue: plant-based meat alternatives

High quality weighing and inspection technologies boost efficiency and quality

The landscape of meat consumption is shifting, with a rise in flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan diets. In Germany for example, 44% embrace flexitarianism, 7% are vegetarian, and 1% are vegan (BMEL Nutrition Report 2022). Consumers turn to plant-based alternatives due to concerns for animal welfare, the environment and personal health. This trend fuels a growing global market, attracting startups, established meat producers, and consumer goods giants like Nestlé and Unilever. Amid challenges like supply chain disruptions and rising energy costs, efficiency and resource conservation are crucial.

Maintaining hygiene and product quality is vital in plant-based meat production to avoid contamination and ensure consumer trust and safety. Precision in ingredient proportioning is key, supported by Minebea Intec's high-precision weighing and inspection technologies. Their Novego® weighing module and Flexus® checkweigher ensure accurate dosing and product quality. The Mitus® metal detector and Dypipe X-ray inspection system enhance safety by detecting foreign objects. The WPL-A Automatic Price Labeling System ensures maximum traceability, and VisioPointer® detects packaging defects, minimizing contamination risks.

Minebea Intec offers comprehensive weighing and inspection solutions for the entire production process, from incoming to outgoing goods. Their portfolio includes intuitive software solutions that reduce waste and enhance safety. Automation not only improves efficiency and saves costs but also ensures product quality and sustainability by reducing waste and optimizing processes. 

By partnering with Minebea Intec, meat substitute producers can stay ahead in this evolving industry, meeting consumer demands for quality, safety, and sustainability.

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