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Conveyor belting solutions with a focus on food hygiene and safety

Conveyor belting solutions with a focus on food hygiene and safety

As a leading global supplier for the food processing and packaging industries, Habasit understands the importance of maintaining high hygiene standards across the processing line. We engineer our belts with food safety at the center of attention. 

Conveyor and processing belts are in direct contact with food at different stages of the processing line. They can impact food quality, product shelf life, potential to reduce waste, or the risk of product contamination; they can also influence operational and processing costs. Habasit belts and conveyor components for food and packaging industries are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of food processing and make cleaning, hygiene, and maintenance easier. Habasit has a broad portfolio of fabric, monolithic, and plastic modular belts for the food and packaging industry, which deliver excellent cleaning efficacy and be matched to any application, depending on its processing needs.

Easy release means product waste reduction and less intense cleaning effort.

Habasit® Cleanline fabric belts offer superior release properties, making them an ideal solution for handling sticky food products, for example, those containing sugars or starch. Easy release helps food processors reduce the amount of additional processing agents, which would otherwise have the task of aiding the product's moving between conveyors or process stages. The belts are also suitable for even tight nosebars and reduce damage to delicate products in transfer, improving product yield. Habasit Cleanline belts demonstrate high chemical and hydrolysis resistance. They can withstand demanding cleaning protocols, including elevated water temperatures (up to 80°C), and are resistant to almost all acidic and alkaline cleaning agents.

Now, with Habasit's unique ability to equip these TPO belts with cleats, they can also be used for incline and decline applications. This offers the advantage of having the same belt material across more stages of the processing line. The entire processing line can be cleaned using the same operation and cleaning agents, ensuring significant cost savings on labor, water, electricity, and above all, time.

The cleaning efficacy can be further improved with the use of the Habasit TPU scraper bar. Unlike the steel or hard plastic alternatives, the TPU scraper maintains continuous contact with the belt surface, acting almost like a windscreen wiper. The soft tip of the scraper bar does not damage the belt's surface. 

Smooth, monolithic surface with no unwanted belt elongation

Monolithic conveyor belts are a frequent feature of many processing lines, especially in the food industry, where they can support maintaining high hygiene standards. Extruded from a single material, their fabric-free design can offer excellent abrasion and hydrolysis resistance. Nevertheless, the belt's flexible material may lead to more frequent belt maintenance and replacement due to potential elongation. To prevent this, Habasit® Cleandrive belts are reinforced with aramid cords and are now available in a new range of self-tracking positive drive belts with a central lug.

Habasit Cleandrive belts comply with the most demanding food industry hygiene requirements and meet all relevant food safety regulations. The monolithic extra smooth surface is easy to clean and inherently resistant to microbiological attack. They are designed to withstand stringent cleaning protocols and demonstrate excellent hydrolysis, chemical, and microbial resistance. 

An additional benefit of the new belts for food processing is that compact lugs provide the high lateral flexibility needed for troughing applications.

Savings on Cleaning Time, Water, and Chemicals

HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts have a proven record of helping industries reduce product waste and maintain hygiene. With many belt types coming equipped with the SaniClip rod retaining system, they make maintenance and cleaning much easier and faster – belts can be dismantled and reassembled in seconds with no tools needed. From micro pitch to flush grid, these robust and light belts have their place in applications from protein processing to bakery and biscuit manufacturing.

Habasit recently launched a game-changing generation of plastic modular belts in the HabasitLINK family. Super HyCLEAN belts have a unique, patented design, with fewer corners, hinges, and rods, which can be the breeding grounds for soiling to collects and bacteria to grow. These innovative belts have more flat surfaces and minimal cavities, with no gaps between plastic modules where debris can collect and cause contamination. 

With the reduced time needed for cleaning, water, and chemical use can drop by 50% compared to best-in-class products on the market today; these belts cut cleaning costs while also being uniquely environmentally friendly.

About Habasit

Habasit helps customers improve the reliability, quality and productivity of their equipment and processes through comprehensive, tailor-made solutions based on its extensive range of fabric-based conveyor belts, plastic modular belts and chains, power transmission belts, and monolithic and timing belts. Established in 1946 in Basel, Switzerland, the family-owned company is present in over 70 countries, with 3,800+ employees in affiliated companies and service centers worldwide. 

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