IP69 rated weighing solutions designed for fast and easy cleaning

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As leaders in weighing technology, METTLER TOLEDO has designed bench scales, floor scales, and automatic checkweighers to support food manufacturers in achieving greater productivity and compliance. For instance, our latest range of Checkweighers allows food manufacturers to use high-pressure rinsing and caustic detergents for routine cleaning procedures, cutting the cleaning between product changeovers as short as 20 mins.

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With an emphasis on hygienic design, the new C33 and C35 Checkweighers are just one example of how the routine cleaning of your weighing systems doesn't have to disrupt production, meaning less downtime and faster product changeover.

So what are the key benefits for choosing weighing systems that prioritise hygienic design?

  • Your risk of bacterial contamination or cross-contamination is instantly reduced as systems have minimal surfaces where ingredients can become trapped.
  • IP69 rating means systems are protected to withstand harsh chemicals, heat, dust, and high-pressure water without concern of machine electrics.
  • Our scales and checkweighers are easily pulled apart and reassembled for more thorough cleaning procedures, reducing downtime and complexity for the machine users.

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METTLER TOLEDO has long worked to develop equipment that not only stands up to the rigors of a strict cleaning regimen, but makes execution of that cleaning regimen as efficient and easy as possible. With this philosophy in mind, systems by METTLER TOLEDO are designed to provide users with the greatest level of weighing accuracy and ease-of-use.

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